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Good question!

Building your business, taking the hassle of insurance off your plate and communicating with you and your clients is an important part of what I do.

You can rest assured that I will work diligently to make sure your claims are processed and paid. I can’t be successful unless YOU are successful!


As soon as a contract is signed, we can begin working on setting things up in your SimplePractice. It should not take long to get everything up and going for you, but it depends on your account and the number clients. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get your ERAs set up, but we can always start billing outside of SimplePractice if necessary.

In order to have the insurance in-network, yes, but we can also bill out-of-network until you are paneled with your desired insurance companies.

Some insurance companies will pay some on out-of-network claims. Some of them will go toward the clients deductible. Every client’s plan is slightly different.  

It depends on the account balance.

If there’s a credit, a refund back to the client can be issued. If the the client has a balance, we need to collect or auto-charge the credit card on file if desired. 

I check all rejections and denials and contact insurance companies if necessary to work out the denial.

I will do what it takes to get your claims processed and paid!

You will receive an invoice at the end of every month.

Of course! I am very happy to take calls from your clients to work out insurance issues or account balances.  

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